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July Flower Selection Peony Arrangements

Chez Bloom is closed on Saturday, July 4th!


Chez Bloom is an independent flower shop specializing in American Grown flowers. We also purchase flowers from

Holland when needed. To order flowers follow the "ORDER OUR FLOWERS" category or "Sympathy" category.

We offer same-day delivery when the order is placed by 11:00AM (CST) Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and

Saturday. Dependent on the location and number of deliveries on a given day we may not be able to honor a same day

delivery. Deliveries are made
to the Zip Codes listed below only. If the address is outside a zip code listed below

please call 612-822-2003 to place your order and we will hire a courier for an additional fee.

Please include a phone number for the recipient and a correct address for delivery to take place.

We follow a strict contactless delivery protocol. The recipient will be contacted prior to delivery and at the time the

driver arrives. Our driver will wear a mask with each delivery. Deliveries are made between the hours of 11:00 AM

(CST) to 4:00 PM (CST) Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Chez Bloom Delivery Area Zip Codes:

*Minneapolis and Surrounding Suburbs*

55391, 55305, 55343, 55344, 55345, 55346, 55347, 55401, 55402, 55403, 55404, 55405, 55406, 55407, 55408, 55409,

55410, 55411, 55412, 55413, 55414, 55415, 55416, 55417, 55418, 55419 55420, 55421, 55422, 55423, 55424, 55425,

55426, 55427, 55428, 55429, 55430, 55431, 55435, 55436, 55437, 55438, 55439, 55440, 55441, 55442,

55443 (Not North of Highway 610), 55444 (Not North of Highway 610),

55445 (Not North of Highway 610 -OR- East of Highway 252),

55446, 55447, 55454, 55455

*St. Paul and Surrounding Suburbs*

55101, 55102, 55103, 55104, 55105, 55106, 55108, 55114, 55116
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Snake Plant Snake Plant

The healthiest plant in the World! An excellent indoor companion to keep the air clean and everyone feeling better.

Our Price: $45.00

Minneapolis Flower Arrangement Delivery:  Roses, Hydrangea & Australian Wax Flower Bouquet Pure Heart

White Roses, Hydrangea, Australian Wax Flower and greenery in a leaf wrapped vase.

Our Price: $50.00

Minneapolis Flower Arrangement Delivery:  Potted Phalaenopsis Orchid Phalaenopsis Orchid

Beautiful Phalaenopsis Orchid designed in an appropriate vessel. Color is subject to nature. Easy care instruction included for longevity of this plant.

Our Price: $55.00

Royal Flush Royal Flush

The perfect hand! A Royal Flush, filled with red Roses, bright blue Delphinium, red Callas, Thistle, red Hypericum, Veronica, and purple Tulips!

Our Price: $55.00

Rise and Shine Rise and Shine

Blue Hydrangea, Coffee Break Roses, Thistle, California Bay and an Aspidistra leaf wrap designed in a 5" X 5" clear glass vase.

Our Price: $55.00

Minneapolis Flower Delivery: Green & Pink Rose & Wax Flower Arrangement A Raspberry Sorbet

Vivid hot pink Roses with Australian Wax Flower, variegated greenery and pink accent flowers. Yum!

Our Price: $56.00

Minneapolis Flower Delivery: Lovely Arrangement of White & Pink Roses & Flowers in a Leaf Wrapped Vase Spun Sugar

A variety of pink and vanilla Roses from soft to bold with pink accent flowers in a leaf wrapped glass cylinder vase. Delicious!

Our Price: $58.00

Thrilla' in Vanilla Thrilla' in Vanilla

Creamy vanilla Roses, white Ranunculus, Variageted Pittosporum, Wax Flower designed in an Aspidistra leaf wrapped clear glass 5" X 5" cylinder.

Our Price: $58.00

Just Blush Just Blush

Ornamental kale, blush/pink Roses, wild Ranunculus Apple Blossom Stock all designed in a Rosy Posey clear glass vase.

Our Price: $58.00

Limonchello Limonchello

Yellow roses, green trick dianthus, spring colored bulb flowers, large football mums, blue thistle, white wax flower. A sweet treat!

Our Price: $60.00

Wild At Heart Wild At Heart

Ranunculus, Anenome, Speedwell, Stock, seasonal grasses, branches and berries with a mix of wild flowers designed in a clear sweetheart glass vase. No two are alike depending on what Mother Nature has for us, but the aesthetic will remain the same.

Our Price: $60.00

Minneapolis Flower Arrangement Delivery:  Lovely White Bouquet with a Hint of Red Love Potion #9

Eight large white flowers in shades of white from pure white to ivory with one single perfect red Rose in the center!

Our Price: $62.00

Arrangement of Vibrant Lavender & Green for Minneapolis, St Paul Flower Delivery Love and Lavender

A seasonal splendor of Mother Nature's finest. Shades and intensity of Lavender colors vary with the flower variety and accented with greenery designed in a 5" X 5" clear glass cylinder vase.

Our Price: $65.00

The Santa Fe The Santa Fe

Ring in the colors of the Southwest for our wintery Minnesota days! Sunset Roses, Anenome, Delphinium, Thistle, Seeded Eucalyptus, Dusty Miller, Protea and Green Trick Dianthus designed in clay pottery.

Our Price: $65.00
Land of the Midnight Sun Land of the Midnight Sun

The first of the Alaska Peonies season designed with the tones and textures of local white flowers and greenery. All designed in an American made clear glass 5" x 5" cylinder vase. Get this design before the sun goes down!

Our Price: $68.00
Green Goddess Green Goddess

An array of Green Trick Dianthus, Tulips, white Roses, Succulents, and white Ranunculus designed in an American made clear glass 5" X 5" cylinder.

Our Price: $70.00

Avant Greens Avant Greens

A seasonal treat filled with dark greens, green dianthus, purple stock, green sunflowers, burgundy accents, and purple ornamental kale arranged in a rustic wooden box.

Our Price: $70.00
Golden State Golden State

California "Chain of Life" flowers including Speedwell, Grevellia, Peonies, Stock, Scabiosa and other accent flowers.

Our Price: $72.00
Minneapolis Flower Arrangement Delivery:  Green, Locally Grown Mix of Seasonal Flowers European Dish Garden

A delightful mixture of blooming and green plants locally grown in the Len Busch greenhouses of Plymouth, Minnesota.

Our Price: $75.00

Enchanted Enchanted

Blue Hydrangea, Stock, Roses, Delphinium, Thistle, Wax Flower and Pittosporum designed in a 7" X 4" clear glass American made vase.

Our Price: $75.00

Designer's Choice - Farm to Table Designer's Choice - Farm to Table

Support our essential American grown California flower farmers with an array of colors, textures, and blooms. Ever changing flowers based on what's available!

Our Price: $75.00

Blanc de Noirs Blanc de Noirs

It's a classic, like ebony and ivory!

Our Price: $76.00

Minneapolis Flower Arrangement Delivery: White Lilies, Roses & Green Accents Perfect Breeze

Pure white Oriental Lilies, assorted white Roses, seasonal white accent flowers and greenery.

*Lilies are Highly toxic to CATS! Do not send to anyone that has cats please*

Our Price: $80.00

Red Charmed Red Charmed

Large and lush crimson and magenta Peonies with Sweet Pea, Astilbe, Curly Kale, Grevelia and wild greens designed in a corrugated tin vessel.

Our Price: $80.00
Central Coast Central Coast

Sharing the abundance of the California Central Coast! Beautiful Peonies with Speedwell, Stock, Green Trick and Queen Anne Lace designed in an American Made clear glass cylinder vase.

Our Price: $85.00

Botanical Garden Botanical Garden

It's almost good enough to eat! A lush variety of seasonal color Orchids, Kale and Stock from the carrot, parsnip and fresh herb families. Great for your dinner table!

Our Price: $85.00

Peony Garden Peony Garden

A beautiful array of lovely smelling stock, pink peonies, purple peony tulips and green parrot tulips in an American made clear glass 6" x 6" cylinder vase.

Our Price: $85.00
Designer's Selection of Peonies and Ranunculus Designer's Selection of Peonies and Ranunculus

Looking for a Peony design of different varietals and color combinations including locally grown Ranunculus, our designer's selection of Peonies is perfect for you!
(Peony varieties and color all dependent on what the farm sends to us.)

Our Price: $85.00

Flirty Fleming Flirty Fleming

Highlighted by spectacular Fleming Peonies, Ranunculus, purple Stock, Tulips, Thistle, Pittosporum and Roses in appetizing sorbet colors. Designed in an oval clear glass vase.

Our Price: $99.95
Minneapolis Flower Delivery: Minnesota Grown Flowers, Fresh & Creative Arrangement – Our Designer's Showcase Designer's Showcase

We shop the market everyday for unique, fresh flowers, some of which are not pictured on the website as the quantities are limited.

Our Price: $100.00