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All current floral arrangements may not be available the week of February 9-15, 2019. All available Valentine's Day arrangements will be displayed by January 25, 2019.
An ever-changing selection of our Signature fresh floral designs for 2019!
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Arrangement of Half-Dozen Red Roses & Accent Flowers in an American Made Cylinder Vase for Minneapolis, St Paul Flower Delivery Red Velvet

Show your love with our premium half-dozen of red Roses designed in an American made clear glass cylinder vase with accent flowers and enhanced greenery!

Our Price: $58.00
Bulb Break Bulb Break

A variety of colorful Parrot traditional Tulips designed with Hypericum Berries in a pebble stone vessel. Spring is on the horizon!

Our Price: $58.00
Rise and Shine Rise and Shine

Blue Hydrangea, Coffee Break Roses, Thistle, California Bay and an Aspidistra leaf wrap designed in a 5" X 5" clear glass vase.

Our Price: $58.00
Minneapolis Flower Delivery: Green & Pink Rose & Wax Flower Arrangement A Raspberry Sorbet

Vivid hot pink Roses with Australian Wax Flower, variegated greenery and pink accent flowers. Yum!

Our Price: $62.00

Parisian Dozen Parisian Dozen

Premium red Roses and assorted accent flowers designed in the contemporary Pave' style of European designers. Viva la Differance!

Our Price: $65.00
Thrilla' in Vanilla Thrilla' in Vanilla

Creamy vanilla Roses, white Ranunculus, Variageted Pittosporum, Wax Flower designed in an Aspidistra leaf wrapped clear glass 5" X 5" cylinder.

Our Price: $65.00

Just Blush Just Blush

Ornamental kale, blush/pink Roses, wild Ranunculus Apple Blossom Stock all designed in a Rosy Posey clear glass vase.

Our Price: $66.00

Arrangement of Vibrant Lavender & Green for Minneapolis, St Paul Flower Delivery Love and Lavender

A seasonal splendor of Mother Nature's finest. Shades and intensity of Lavender colors vary with the flower variety and accented with greenery designed in a 5" X 5" clear glass cylinder vase.

Our Price: $70.00

Avant Greens Avant Greens

A seasonal treat filled with dark greens, green dianthus, purple stock, green sunflowers, burgundy accents, and purple ornamental kale arranged in a rustic wooden box.

Our Price: $70.00
First Class First Class

Classic pink Mondial Roses, Seeded Eucalyptus, Dusty Miller and purple Orchid designed in a 4" X 4" ceramic white cube!

Our Price: $70.00
Green Goddess Green Goddess

An array of Green Trick Dianthus, Tulips, white Roses, Succulents, and white Ranunculus designed in an American made clear glass 5" X 5" cylinder.

Our Price: $72.00

Minneapolis Flower Delivery: Lovely Arrangement of Minnesota Grown Blue Delphinium & Hydrangea Blue Moon

Minnesota Grown blue Delphinium, Hydrangea, Veronica, Millet, Queen's Anne Lace, Thistle, white Roses and California Kale in an American Made clear glass cylinder vase.

Our Price: $75.00

Winter Shiver Winter Shiver

Blue Hydrangea, football Mums, white Roses, Ranunculus, Speedwell, Curly Willow, Pine Cones and winter greenery designed in a clear glass cylinder.

Our Price: $84.00
Botanical Garden Botanical Garden

It's almost good enough to eat! A lush variety of seasonal color Orchids, Kale and Stock from the carrot, parsnip and fresh herb families. Great for your dinner table!

Our Price: $85.00

The Santa Fe The Santa Fe

Ring in the colors of the Southwest for our wintery Minnesota days! Coffee Break Roses, Anenome, Delphinium, Thistle, Seeded Eucalyptus, Dusty Miller, Protea and Green Trick Dianthus designed in clay pottery.

Our Price: $85.00
"Fiori Bianchi" "Fiori Bianchi"

"Fiori Bianchi" Flowers White: a collection of Wintery white flowers of Stock, Roses, Ornamental Kale, Veronica, Cala Lily and Cymbidium Orchid with Italian Ruscus and Aspidistra leaf designed in a clear glass 6" X 6" X 3" oval vessel.

Our Price: $110.00