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Chez Bloom specializes in Funeral, Sympathy and Celebration of Life flowers. We have a considerable variety of arrangements and planters available to convey a traditional style look, flowers for the casket, and European gardens. Custom arrangements are utilized by many of our customers. We can accommodate wishes and needs to ensure that even on this somber time it is still a wonderful celebration. Please call 612-822-2003 for custom designs not shown on our website.
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At Peace At Peace

A variety of shades of premium white flowers and textures consisting of Stock, Ornamental Kale, Speedwell, Roses, Orchids and Cala Lilies with Ruscus and Aspidistra Leaf greenery designed in a 6" X 6" clear glass vase.

Our Price: $94.00
Minneapolis Flower Arrangement Delivery: White Lilies, Roses & Green Accents Perfect Breeze

Pure white Oriental Lilies, assorted white Roses, seasonal white accent flowers and greenery.

*Lilies are Highly toxic to CATS! Do not send to anyone that has cats please*

Our Price: $95.00

Sympathy Garden Sympathy Garden

A garden of textures and soft tones with Tulips, Ranunculus, Roses, Thistle, Stock, Speedwell and Ruscus designed in a clear glass tulip shaped vessel.

Our Price: $95.00
Urn Wreath Urn Wreath

A floral tribute to surround the Urn. Designed with Roses accent flowers and greenery. The Chez Bloom Urn Wreath is designed with either a 12" Base or 15" Premium (as shown). This design can be of all white or colorful as well. Please call 612-822-2003 for a custom design.

*Please allow a 48 hour minimum notice for this item*

Our Price: $149.95
Sincere Sympathy Sincere Sympathy

Large and full blue and white Hydrangea, Chrysanthenum, Tulips, Oriental Lillies, Delphinium, and accent greenery designed in a clear glass 12" X 6" fooed vase.

Our Price: $165.00
Sterling Tribute Sterling Tribute

Two dozen premium red Roses with a touch of greenery designed in a sterling ceramic 5" X 5" cube.

Our Price: $165.00
Sympathy Wreath Sympathy Wreath

Our glorious wreath with easel designed with Hydrangea, Roses, Mums with accent greenery. The Chez Bloom Sympathy Wreath comes in either an 18" base or 21" Premium (as shown). We are able to design as an all white wreath or very colorful. Please call 612-822-2003 for a customized piece.

*Please allow a 48 hour minimum notice for this item*

Our Price: $199.95
Casket Saddle Casket Saddle

The Chez Bloom casket saddle is designed to rest atop an open or closed casket. This design can include all white flowers or a variety of colors. Please call 612-822-2003 for a custom design.

*Please allow a 48 hour minimum notice for this item*

Our Price: $224.95
Urn Surround Spray Urn Surround Spray

A Butterfly Garden Urn semicircle to pay tribute to a loved one. This colorful design of textures, colors and flower variety is meant to be displayed behind the urn as a focal point. This Chez Bloom design can be designed with all white or minimal color as well. Please call 612-822-2003 for a custom design. *Please allow a 48 hour minimum notice on this item.*

Our Price: $225.00
Grand Memorial Spray Grand Memorial Spray

The Chez Bloom Grand Memorial Spray is designed in a container to be displayed on a pedestal or stand at the service. This design can be designed with all white flowers or very colorful (as shown). Seasonality of flowers may chenge the flowers but not the aesthetic of the arrangement. Please call 612-822-2003 for a custom piece.

*Please allow 48-hour notice for this item*

Our Price: $295.95