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Chez Bloom will be closed on Saturday, May 26, Sunday, May 27 and Monday, May 28. There are no deliveries of flowers available Memorial Weekend.
Same day delivery is available when your order is placed by 11:00 AM (CST) Monday through Saturday. There are no Sunday delivery of flowers except for weddings and special events which have been pre-booked.

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Roses, hydrangeas and sunflowers, oh my! Whether you’re looking to bestow a get-well gift, cheer up a friend or simply need to liven up your dining room to curb the Monday blues, we’ve got an arrangement suited for the occasion. We have Valentine's Day flowers, Mother’s Day flowers, sympathy flowers and everything in between! With an array to choose from, you’re sure to find something inspiring.

We pride ourselves on customer service and will ensure that the message of well wishes doesn’t get lost in translation. Chez Bloom is family owned and operated, which means all of our customers get the personal touch they deserve. Order flowers online today, or feel free to give us a call or stop by our lovely flower shop!

Order before 11 a.m. CST Monday thru Saturday for same-day delivery!

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Minneapolis Flower Delivery: Green & Pink Rose & Wax Flower Arrangement Blanc de Noirs Minneapolis Flower Delivery: Lovely Arrangement of Minnesota Grown Blue Delphinium & Hydrangea
A Raspberry Sorbet
Our Price: $65.00
Blanc de Noirs
Our Price: $76.00

Blue Moon
Our Price: $75.00

Vivid hot pink Roses with Australian Wax Flower, variegated greenery and pink accent flowers. Yum!
It's a classic, like ebony and ivory! Designed in a German made Anthrazit vessel. Minnesota Grown blue Delphinium, Hydrangea, Veronica, Millet, Queen's Anne Lace, Thistle, white Roses and California Kale in an American Made clear glass cylinder vase.
Blushing Spring Botanical Garden Minneapolis Flower Arrangement Delivery:  Colorful Blend of Roses & Hydrangea
Blushing Spring
Our Price: $66.00
Botanical Garden
Our Price: $85.00

Burst of Inspiration
Our Price: $55.00

Ornamental kale, blush/pink Roses, wild Ranunculus Apple Blossom Stock all designed in a Rosy Posey clear glass vase. It's almost good enough to eat! A lush variety of seasonal color Orchids, Kale and Stock from the carrot, parsnip and fresh herb families. Great for your dinner table! A "Burst" of color to match a blue sky and sunshine! Peace Roses, Sky Blue Hydrangea and our signature leaf wrap in a clear glass cylinder vase.
Central Coast Minneapolis Flower Delivery: Glorious Arrangement of Purple & Green Minneapolis Flower Delivery: Minnesota Grown Flowers, Fresh & Creative Arrangement – Our Designer's Showcase
Central Coast
Our Price: $85.00

Chez Verde
Our Price: $76.00
Designer's Showcase
Our Price: $100.00

Sharing the abundance of the flower season with California! Beautiful blush/pink Peonies with Speedwell, Stock, Green Trick and Queen Anne Lace designed in an American Made clear glass cylinder vase.

*Flower colors are dependent on nature. We follow the nature and aesthetic of each of our designs.*
Silver ceramic vessel filled with Ornamental Kale, Green Trick, Hypericum Berries, Succulents, Thistle and Ocean Song Roses.

We shop the market everyday for unique, fresh flowers, some of which are not pictured on the website as the quantities are limited.
Enchanted Green Goddess Just Jules
Our Price: $70.00

Green Goddess
Our Price: $72.00

Just Jules
Our Price: $89.00
Blue Hydrangea, Stock, Roses, Delphinium, Thistle, Wax Flower and Pittosporum designed in a clear glass American made vase. An array of Green Trick Dianthus, Tulips, white Roses, Succulents, and white Ranunculus designed in a clear glass 5" X 5" cylinder. The World famous Jules Elie Peonies in classic pink with white Fresia and Italian Ruscus designed in a 6" X 6" clear glass vase.
Limonchello Arrangement of Vibrant Lavender & Green for Minneapolis, St Paul Flower Delivery Minneapolis Flower Arrangement Delivery:  Lovely White Bouquet with a Hint of Red
Our Price: $60.00
Love and Lavender
Our Price: $70.00

Love Potion #9
Our Price: $68.00

Yellow calla lilies, yellow roses, green trick dianthus, large football mums, blue thistle, white wax flower. A sweet treat! A seasonal splendor of Mother Nature's finest. Shades and intensity of Lavender colors vary with the flower variety and accented with greenery designed in a 5" X 5" clear glass cylinder vase.

Eight large white flowers in shades of white from pure white to ivory with one single perfect red Rose in the center!
Mid-Century Garden Minneapolis Flower Arrangement Delivery:  Hydrangea, Liliy & Hypericum Berry Bouquet Peony Garden
Mid-Century Garden
Our Price: $75.00
Path of Light
Our Price: $175.00
Peony Garden
Our Price: $85.00
A modern 11" black glass vessel with a variety of green plants. Large white Cala Lilies, Hydrangea, Lilies, Hypericum Berries and greenery in a leaf wrapped glass vase.

*Lilies are highly toxin to CATS. Please do not send to anyone with cats please.*

A beautiful array of lovely smelling stock, pink peonies, purple peony tulips and green parrot tulips in a 6x6" vase.
Minneapolis Flower Arrangement Delivery: White Lilies, Roses & Green Accents Minneapolis Flower Arrangement Delivery:  Roses, Hydrangea & Australian Wax Flower Bouquet Royal Flush
Perfect Breeze
Our Price: $75.00

Pure Heart
Our Price: $59.00

Royal Flush
Our Price: $62.00

Pure white Oriental Lilies, assorted white Roses, seasonal white accent flowers and greenery.

*Lilies are Highly toxic to CATS! Do not send to anyone that has cats please*

White Roses, Hydrangea, Australian Wax Flower and greenery in a leaf wrapped vase. The perfect hand! A Royal Flush, filled with red Roses, bright blue Delphinium, red Callas, Thistle, red Hypericum, Veronica, and purple Tulips!
Rustic Garden Box Arrangement of Stock, Hydrangea, Roses, Football Mums, Cala Lily, Pittosporum & Lovely Accent Flowers for Minneapolis, St Paul Flower Delivery Minneapolis Flower Delivery: Lovely Arrangement of White & Pink Roses & Flowers in a Leaf Wrapped Vase
Rustic Garden Box
Our Price: $70.00
Splendid Garden
Our Price: $135.00

Spun Sugar
Our Price: $55.00

A rustic 6" x 10" wooden box filled with a variety of beautiful green plants. A lasting gift for someone special. Nature's bounty of fresh cut flower varietals of Stock, Hydrangea, Roses, Football Mums, Cala Lily, Pittosporum and accent flowers full of cool hues, textures and designed in an Aspidistra Leaf wrapped American made clear glass cylinder vase.

A variety of pink and vanilla Roses from soft to bold with pink accent flowers in a leaf wrapped glass cylinder vase. Delicious!
Succulent Box Weathered Wood Succulent Rectangle Box Succulents of California
Succulent Box Weathered Wood
Our Price: $95.00

Succulent Rectangle Box
Our Price: $85.00

Succulents of California
Our Price: $65.00
An ebony 6" x 10" wooden box filled with a variety of beautiful succulents. A lasting gift for someone special. A unique wooden container filled with a variety of succulents. A perfect lasting gift! San Diego grown Succulents designed in a galvanized metal vessel. A perfect gift that lasts! Color may vary.
The Rainforest Thrilla' in Vanilla Touch of Spring
The Rainforest
Our Price: $79.00
Thrilla' in Vanilla
Our Price: $65.00

Touch of Spring
Our Price: $65.00

A black anthracite vase filled with green hydrangea, green trick dianthus, red and orange roses, and brilliantly colored pin-cushion proteas. Lined with a contemporary aspidistra leaf. Creamy vanilla Roses, white Ranunculus, Variageted Pittosporum, Wax Flower designed in an Aspidistra leaf wrapped clear glass 5" X 5" cylinder. Colorful hues of purples, whites and blues designed in a 4" X 4" clear glass cube.